International Payroll
and Affiliate Payments
Have Never Been So Convenient

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Convenience, Speed, Accuracy

Business today is both domestic and international by nature. Many companies have sales channels based in multiple countries, or have affiliate networks worldwide. Prior to International Pre-paid Cards, businesses were limited to sending payments via wire transfers, or sometimes PayPal. The problem with wire transfers is banks are scrutinizing every payment sent and received internationally, and will often refuse international wires. In addition, wire fees can be quite expensive on both ends, often resulting in a loss of funds of $50 or greater. PayPal (and similar services) work in certain scenarios, but unfortunately, people in many jurisdictions are refused accounts or can have their accounts closed without warning.

International Prepaid Cards are a perfect solution for this ever changing landscape. With an international prepaid card you can:

  • Issue cards to nearly anyone in the world*
  • Make real-time payments directly to their card
  • Cardholders can use the card at retail locations worldwide
  • Cardholders can make online purchases with the cards
  • Cardholders can withdraw funds at ATM machines around the world


All cardholders must pass KYC and not be located in a sanctioned jurisdiction.

Funds in your employees hands,
Exactly when they expect it.

Even if your employees are based in different jurisdictions,
or if their work requires travel, our payment solution gets to them
no matter what.
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A Step Beyond Payroll

Managing Expenses is no easy task. Often, employees submit receipts for which they did not have prior approval. Sometimes the logistics of corporate spending cards are unwieldy to manage. With a Prepaid Expense Card from Benefits on Madison, you can fund employee cards in real time, and manage how the cards are utilized, then have a direct view on where and where the cards are used. We can also issue virtual cards for online purchases which do not require a physical card to be present.

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Added Benefits

In addition to the convenience of funding payroll through a Pre-Paid Card by Benefits on Madison, you may also opt to add additional insurance and benefits to the card to add additional protection for your employees. From World SecureCash to prevent fraudulent transactions, to travel and rewards perks, your employees will know your company cares for them.

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