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Benefits on Madison Prepaid Cards Solution is a perfect match for insurance adjudication. One of the biggest challenges and expensed for insurance companies and third-party administrators, is administering the payouts for various insurance products. Although the specific needs vary by insurance type and policy, Benefits on Madison can build a solution that meets your needs. We can build a program to allow you to refund customers for their out-of-pocket expenses, or fund their pre-issued pre-paid cards on the fly. We can also allow you to specify certain business segments for your cards to be used. For example, if you administer travel medical insurance, you can fund your customer’s card in real-time, to be used only at a pharmacy or at a medical clinic, ensuring the funds you allocate are used exclusively the way you determine.

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Easy Administration

Our real-time technology allows you, as the administrator, to fund claims in real-time. One of the biggest complaints from policy holders is related to delays in funding. Our solution eliminates that complaint, putting the full control in your hands.

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