Insurance Adjudication Technology

When the unexpected happens, time is of the essence.

Our platform makes the adjudication process more efficient for the insurance company and the insurance administrator, as well as the policy holder.

Reduce the hassle with a state-of-the-art system that handles the insurance adjudications payout process every step of the way. Whether you administer claims for health, and need to issue realtime approvals for payments to medical professionals; or travel, and need to issue realtime payments to customers; or even if you issue reimbursements, our easy pay solutions is designed to make your processes easier.

Make it less complicated for everyone.

The logistics of international payments is getting harder day by day. Wire transfers don’t always make it to their recipients, and you can’t control the fees which are taken from the transfer, making unhappy customers on the receiving end. With our solution, payouts happen as instantly as they are approved.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce waiting times and simplify procedures while abiding with applicable payout policies.

100% insurance verification

Whether recurring or single incidents, claims big or small, your customers benefit from improved response time with our payout solution.

Keep happy customers

By providing an efficient adjudication process you help all beneficiaries keep a better relationship and have a pleasant experience.

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