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Launching an International Card Program has Never Been this Easy

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with peace of mind — and without logistical barriers.

Are you ready to launch a pre-paid card program for your business today?

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No doubt, prepaid cards are revolutionizing payments around the world. According to industry estimates, the size of the U.S. prepaid cards market stood at $20 billion in 2003, with 800 million transactions. By 2016, the prepaid card market was estimated to be worth $317 billion.

Now, through one secure and simple instrument from Benefits on Madison, you can release funds to the payees you want on your timeline, and under your control.

Our prepaid cards program allows you to optimize all your financial procedures: payroll, employee benefits, incentives, expense accounts, and other payouts, when you want and how you want.

A solid and safe alternative

Our prepaid cards are suitable for companies or organizations looking for an easy and functional way to manage expenses made by employees, without the risks attached to carrying cash or the management hassle of corporate credit cards.

Payments anywhere in the world

Benefits on Madison issues international prepaid cards under the MasterCard brand, supported by our Caribbean-based bank, with access to USD, Euro and additional tradable currencies. Cardholders can manage their cards online whenever or wherever they need to, in an efficient, user-friendly manner.


Expand your benefits as you grow

Our platform allows us to manage additions and amendments to the original program through a custom dashboard, saving time and expenses and making procedures more efficient. That’s exactly what growing companies need, and exactly what we provide.

Eco-friendly and practical

Choosing plastic cards and our mobile payment platform is a great step towards reducing your company’s environmental footprint by reducing the use of paper, as opposed to issuing cheques or having to transmit financial documents over regular mail.

prepaid black card

With a Prepaid Black Card from Benefits on Madison, the Possibilities are Limitless

The Benefits on Madison Carbon Card is everything you imagine it could be. Our cardholders have the benefits they deserve, including:

  • Highest-in-the-Industry Load Limits
  • White Glove Concierge Service
  • Via Reserve, with Access to International 5-Star Villa Rentals
  • Kidnap and Ransome Insurance
  • International Health Insurance, Designed Especially for High Net Worth Members,
  • Available in USD, EUR, GBP
  • The Only Prepaid Black Card Fully Insured Against Fraudulent Transactions
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Plastic Card

Plastic Card

Plastic Cards can be “instantly issued” with or without an individual’s name on the card. Plastic Cards can be used at point-of-sale around the world or online. Plastic cards can be loaded one-time with a fixed amount of money, or they can be reloadable for ongoing use.

Virtual Card

Virtual Card

A Virtual Card gives you the ability to issue a valid card number and load funds instantly, without the need to wait for a plastic card to be produced and distributed. Virtual Cards can be used for online purchases. Virtual cards can be loaded with a fixed amount for one-time use, or they can be reloadable for ongoing use.

How it Works

At Benefits on Madison, We use a simple and effective six-step system to create an effective program that will help you achieve your business goals.

Creating your program
We help you analyze your needs and determine your business and financial goals in order to build a card program that helps you meet those goals successfully. At Benefits on Madison, we do that with a wide array of card options. We simplify that process by helping you choose the program that works for you.

Branding your program
If your program is as unique as your company, the cards and corporate documents attached to it should reflect that, too. With our custom cards, we’ll help you build brand loyalty and make stronger connections with the holders. Can’t make a decision? No problem — we offer different branding options for each of your program goals

Processing and Shipping Options

We enable organizations to manage card funding and delivery with an elegant, effective state-of-the-art solution, comprised of an online portal, system integration and bulk shipping to one or several locations.

Program Results & Analytics

Track and analyze your cardholders’ activity easily for business intelligence and security purposes. We offer standard and predesigned reports, or you can request a custom report to include specific information.

Flexible, secure options

Load your cards in a simple and quick way. Our team can configure different payment options depending on your business requirements, such as escrow management or pay-as-you-go systems.

Getting Cards Out the Door
At Benefits on Madison, we know that in business, time is money. Our team helps you plan the implementation of your program based on your needs and availability, and our delivery timelines.

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