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Whether you offer prepaid phone top-ups or long distance calling cards,
our prepaid cards give your customers convenience and security.
Prepaid meets prepaid

Prepaid cards are a logical addition to any prepaid telecom program. The clientele looking for prepaid long distance or prepaid mobile phone top-ups, is the same market looking for prepaid payment cards. We work with you to design a combo product to meet your customers’ needs. Cards can be physical plastic or virtual plastic, or a combination of the two card types. We work with the big brands ensure our prepaid cards are accepted worldwide.

Benefits on Madison’s prepaid card programs are available in multiple countries. We will work with you to develop the program your customers need.

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Cash Protection

Cash transactions are risky. We protect your customers with World SecureCash to ensure the risk does not fall on them. We can add cash protection to every card transaction your customer makes, at point-of-sale, ATMs and mobile.

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Prepaid designed
for your customers

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