World SecureCash

A no-fraud guaranty
with World SecureCash

We can’t make bad people go away, but we can ensure your customers are not affected by them.

Benefits like no other

We, at Benefits on Madison, are proud to have developed comprehensive coverage for our financial transaction products, such as prepaid cards. We are the only ones in the industry with this dynamic program.

World SecureCash is a program like no other. With coverages starting at $500 and going up to $50,000 and more, we ensure the transactions on your cards are actually made by you. And World SecureCash is not limited to card transaction, we can also insure money remittances as well. ATM robberies, fraud and emergency medical benefits are all bundled together in this unique benefit. For a nominal monthly fee, you can be sure that your customers have all the protections they need and deserve.

  • Robbery at an ATM
  • Remittance Transactions
  • Fraudulent Transactions on a Covered Card
  • Fraudulent Transactions on a Wallet
  • Fraudulent Transactions from a Mobile Device
  • Forced Transactions of a Retail Purchase
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • In-hospital Indemnity
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Plus Additional Features

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