Cash Management Treasury Solutions

You service your clients.
We service your technology.

Benefits on Madison has developed a cash management treasury platform that provides backend services to banking institutions, domestically and internationally. Our system is able to manage a wide array of financial transactions, including deposits, transfers, cheque cashing, ACH, Check 21, SWIFT Transfers, AML and KYC compliance.

Using technology to give your company a big advantage

Optimal payment efficiency

Automate and keep track of a large volume of transactions, reducing timeframes between payment and cash availability.

Bring business to a new level

Our technology is available and easily adapted to any kind and size of business, which in turn helps them become more competitive and innovative.

Keep track of every transaction

Assemble all management tasks under one platform to monitor activity for reporting and business intelligence purposes.

Technical support

We are able to provide expert assistance in order to ensure that our platform provides added value to your institution and your clients.



Our team will assess your specific needs and those of your clients in order to develop a solution that meets all needs.


We help you deploy and integrate our platform to your every day operations to ensure a seamless transition and optimal performance.


We are able to provide you with personalized reports that will help you and your clients find new opportunities for growth and improvement.

Who can use it?


Our solution is currently used by a substantial number of Caribbean banks. We facilitate their BankConnect Technology with major banking institutions in the US and Europe.

Financial companies

We are currently expanding this service to international companies that require an efficient cash management in order to expand their business and client base.

Foreign Exchange

Our solution is also useful for exchange offices in the US, the Caribbean and Latin America that wish to increase their solvency and cash availability.

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