Cash Management Treasury Solutions

Forenxio, Your Borderless
Business Payment Solution

Benefits on Madison has developed a cash management treasury platform to provide hybrid payment services to your international business. Our system will allow you to receive payments in over 30 currencies, manage international payments to vendors, and provide currency exchange a better-than-bank rates.

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Using technology to give your company a big advantage

Optimal payment efficiency

Automate and track of large volumes of transactions, reducing timeframes between payment and cash availability.

Bring business to a new level

Our technology is available and easily adapted to any size of corporation, which in turn helps businesses become more competitive and innovative.

Keep track of every transaction

Assemble all management tasks under one platform to monitor activity for reporting and business intelligence purposes.

Technical support

We provide expert assistance in order to ensure that our platform provides added value to your institution and your clients.



Our team will assess your specific needs and those of your clients in order to develop a solution that meets all needs.


We help you deploy and integrate our platform in your every day operations to ensure a seamless transition and optimal performance.


We will guide you through personalized reports that will help you and your clients find new opportunities for growth and improvement.

The Key Services

Truly International Payments

Forenxio allows you to send and receive international wires with ease and efficiency. Traditional banks make the process of sending and receiving wires time consuming and difficult. Our hybrid solution brings together the benefits of a bank with the enhanced technology of modern money movement.

Favourable Foreign Exchange

Receive better-than-the-bank foreign exchange rates. Banks are quite skilled at hiding your true exchange rate. With Forenxio, you will always know the rate you are getting before you make your exchange.

Revolutionary Financial Services

With a Forenxio borderless account, you will save time and money. Never pay for receiving a wire, and low fees for sending wires out. Let us become your technology partner. We will build services around your financial model, using our Rest-API. Tell us your need, and we can present a solution.

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