Solutions Designed
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Every person should feel safe and secure in their travels. Our solutions give your customers the protections they need.
Traveller Protection

Travel insurance is a must have for anyone travelling in modern times. From trip cancellation protection to lost baggage assistance, Benefits on Madison has just the offering for your customers.

We can build the package your customers desire. We can have the options you select available on an as-needed basis, or we can place it on all travel booked through the card. The choice is yours.

Travel Insurance + World SecureCash adds an additional layer of protection for your customers. World SecureCash ensures any fraudulent transactions are backed with a reimbursement insurance. We don’t want your customers to feel vulnerable.

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Payment Vehicles

Reinforce your brand with your trusted customers. Design a co-branded card program with Benefits on Madison, to ensure your customers have a payment vehicle to buy your product, but also to give them the payment tools they need while they travel.

Travelling with cash is never a good option. Traveller cheques are inconvenient. With Prepaid cards from Benefits on Madison, your customers can travel with the security and convenience they demand.

Prepaid cards can offer your customers a new outlet for convenience. Offer your customers a preloaded cards in combination with special travel offers, or provide them with a branded card with your company logo to give your customers confidence in your company.

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Rewards and Benefits

Keep your customers loyal. With a rewards program designed by you and Benefits on Madison, we will keep your customers coming to you for all their travel needs. Whether you run an airline, a travel agency, or something in between, we will help you build a points and rewards system to entice your customers to continue utilizing your services.

In addition to a standard rewards program, we can also offer you prestige clientele benefits for being loyal customers. Features of our Black Card Programs are beneficial to your frequent traveller. We have just the features your customers want.

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Our travel rewards will set
your business apart from the competition

Let you customers earn points and rewards while you protect their family and funds.
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