Cheque Cashing Technology

Reduce risk.
Make cheque cashing easier.

Use technology to prevent fraud and open new possibilities for business and customers.

Cashing a cheque is no longer constrained to long lines at the bank and the inconvenience of carrying it around, with a constant risk of misplacement or theft. Technology has made it possible to simplify the entire process, using top-of-the-art check readers or the mobile device of your choosing.


Reduce cheque fraud losses

Our platform is able to handle every step of the process, from ID and authenticity verifications to funds collection. We are able to enable secure data transmissions and storage, integrating seamlessly with your existing systems and procedures.

Compliance with AML an other regulations

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience to outline a policy that meets all legal requirements in your jurisdiction. The solutions we develop are designed to automate verifications as necessary, in order to keep the system running without involving the staff.

Increase profits

Reach more customers by adding this solution to your portfolio, enhancing business services and productivity. Our platform is able to adapt to companies of any size and transaction volume, providing a secure and efficient way to cash cheques without visiting the bank or finding an ATM.

Analyze data for optimization

We help you improve your system and user experience with custom-made dashboards and reports. Obtain an overview of customer patterns and preferences in order to develop more efficient procedures.


Scan the check easily

Managers and staff are able to receive and scan checks without hassle using a reader or a mobile device.

Receive authorization in seconds.

Our backend infrastructure is able to perform all necessary verifications in order to clear the check. Receive authorization in seconds.

Collect funds easily

The system proceeds to request and receive funds in less time, speedily and with less risk involved.

Who can use it

Banking Institutions

Automate cheque cashing at your main offices and subsidiaries to reduce your customers’ waiting time.

Financial companies

Drive more cheque cashing transactions easily and safely, without involving staff or management.

Private companies

Companies of any industry that hold a large volume of cheque cashing transactions will benefit greatly from our solution.

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