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The First White Glove
Payment Method

Our solutions help you get funds into your clients’ hands whenever, wherever.

Cards, designed for the elite class

We get it. Your clients move fast and spend big. They want funding in the moment, wherever they happen to be. But you know how difficult this can be. Wiring funds over $10,000 is under a great deal of scrutiny, often incurring unforeseen delays. Travelling with large amounts of cash is both unsafe and requires unwieldy paperwork.

With a Prepaid Card Program by Benefits on Madison, you can offer your clients payouts on their dividends or other distributions, in realtime, in the amounts they need, wherever they happen to be located.

Our unique solution offers high load amounts and high spending abilities, all set to your specifications.

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  • High load limits available
  • High ATM limits available
  • Insurance to protect your clients’ transactions
  • Wide feature set available
  • Fast funding to your customers

Black Card Coverages

Add the features your prestige clients client deserve and expect onto our Prepaid Card Program. We offer everything from Kidnap and Ransom Insurance to White Glove Concierge services. The benefits are designed by you to meet the needs of your portfolio.

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Sometimes, you simply require higher limits to pay for the things you need.

Fast cars, fast jets, fast money.
Just what your portfolio demands.
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