Payment Technologies

Making Payments Easy and Efficient
with Powerful and Secure Technology

We provide the necessary processing and management services to design and implement quality payment programs for our clients.
Prepaids Cards

Pay anywhere, anytime. We issue international pre-paid payment cards, which can be used at any of the 22 million establishments in the world that accept MasterCard, including ATMs.

  • 6-step implementation
  • Customized cards
  • Cardholder support
  • Online Portal
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Credit Cards

Solid payment solutions. We design credit card programs for your customers, ensuring the best onboarding experience for cardholders, and managing each step of the procedure for our clients.

  • Partnership with sponsoring banks
  • Customer experience management
  • KYC collection
  • Credit checking
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ACH, EFT & Echeque

Easy and safe transactions. We are able to assist companies in managing their push and pull electronic transactions, using the latest technology and the highest security standards.

  • Multiple currencies available
  • Payments in real-time
  • Fraud and money laundering monitoring
  • Real-time reporting
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Debit Cards

Enhance your services. We provide Debit Cards programs for financial institutions that seek new and practical ways to help their customers manage and access their money.

  • Custom card design
  • Cardholder support
  • Backend management services
  • Custom Reports
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Corporate Incentive & Reward Cards

Inspire productivity and loyalty. Give employees or customers a different kind of compensation with our personalized corporate and rewards programs.

  • Point or tiered systems
  • VIP Benefits
  • Giveaways, rewards, coupons, and more
  • New product release exclusive access
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Wallet & Mobile Payments

Manage your money efficiently. Make use of technology to better handle money, making payments and other transactions anytime and anywhere, from the palm of your hand.

  • Get snapshots of all assets
  • Compare accounts
  • Plan payments easily
  • Find new ways to save money
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