Remittance & ATM Technology

Money transfers
with one simple & efficient system

We have developed a high-end platform that automates international transfers, delivering an outstanding user experience.

When your business requires you to help your customers transfer money to friends and family, who may be in different countries and continents, we have the instant solution.


Move funds across borders easily

Managing financial transaction at a global scale becomes easier with our solution. We help simplify the operations so that more resources can be focused on bringing value to the business and the customers.

Reduce costs for all parts

Moving money is becoming expensive and time consuming. Obtain better exchange rates and fees by adopting our platform. You customers can initiate a transfer with the ease of a smart phone or computer, with just a few clicks.

Unique transfer method

With our platform, track each step of the transaction to ensure complete user satisfaction. Easy for the Sender. Easy for the receiver. As the MSB, you can run all the reports you need.

Tracking and analysis

Use custom reports to identify patterns and new opportunities of improvement. Keep track of each transaction easily for service quality assurance and optimization purposes.

ATM Platform

For Banks

Offer brand or non-branded cards to your account holders, then give them the machines to conveniently retrieve their funds. Less salaries, more revenue.

For Credit Unions

Emphasize convenience for your customers by integrating your own ATM machine at your branches and beyond.

For Independant ATM Operators

Our technology can run your terminals in any jurisdiction. We will work together to determine if your legacy hardware can be used to integrate with our ATM platform.

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